Important Global & National Index (Current Affairs) for IB, SSC & Railways

Important Global & National Index (Current Affairs) for IB, SSC & Railways

International Rankings

1. Climate Change Performance Index 18

  • By Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute and Climate Action Network Europe
  • Sweden (4), India (11), Soudi Arabia (60)

2. Ease of Doing Business by World Bank

  • India: 77th rank (23 Spots Up)
  • A high ease of doing ranking means the regulatory environment is more conductive to the starting and operation of a local firm.
  • Various factors that are considered: Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Getting Electricity, Registering Property, Getting Credit, Protecting Minority Investors, etc.
  • New Zealand (1), Singapore (2), Denmark (3)
  • US (8), UK (9), China (46), Bhutan (81), Sri Lanka (100), Nepal (110), Pakistan (136), Myanmar & Iraq (171), Bangladesh (176), Somalia (190)

3. World’s Best Employers 2018 by Forbes

  • Larsen & Turbo (22), Mahindra & Mahindra (55)
  • Alphabet (1), Microsoft (2), Apple (3), Walt Disney Company (4), Amazon (5)
  • Apple: largest tech company in the world
  • The ranking is based on the feedback on the likelihood of an employee recommending his/her employer to a friend or family member.

4. Global Competitiveness Index by World Economic Forum

  • India: 58th spot (5 Spots Up)
  • US (1), Singapore (2), Germany (3)
  • The index measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and medium-term levels of economic prosperity.

5. Global Hunger Index by Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide

  • India: 103th Spot (3 Spots Down)
  • Prospects under consideration: Inadequate Food Supply, Child Undernourishment and Child Mortality.
  • Focus of the GHI 2018: Forced Migration and Hunger

6. Human Capital Index by World Bank

  • India: 115th Spot
  • The rankings, based on health, education and survivability measures, assess the future productivity and earnings potential for citizens of 157 of the World Bank’s member nations, and ultimately those countries’ potential economic growth.
  • Singapore topped the list, followed by South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong

7. World Inequality Index by Oxfam

  • India: 147th spot (out of 157 countries)
  • Denmark topped the list, followed by Germany & Finland
  • Japan (11th spot): The top rank Asian Country

8. E-Government index by UN

  • India: 96th spot (22 spots up)
  • The E-Government Development Index (EGDI) is a composite index based on the weighted average of three normalised indices: Telecommunication Infrastructure Index, Human Capital Index, Online Service Index.
  • Denmark topped the list, followed by Australia & Republic of Korea

9. Global Innovation Index: Cornell University, INSEAD, World Intellectual Property Organization

  • India: 57th spot (3 spots up)
  • Switzerland topped the list, followed by The Netherlands & Sweden

10. Global Wage Report: UNICEF

  • India: 57th spot (3 spots up)
  • Switzerland topped the list, followed by The Netherlands & Sweden

National Rankings

1. Ease of Living Index by Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry

  • Pune is ranked the highest, followed by Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai.
  • Patna in Bihar (109), Kohima (110) in Nagaland and Rampur (111) in Uttar Pradesh are ranked the poorest.

2. Public Affairs Index by Public Affairs Centre (PAC)

  • Kerala ranked the highest, followed by Tamil Nadu and Telangana.
  • Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha ranked the lowest on the index.

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