Biology 11th & 12th All Full Forms (Abbreviations) 2018

Biology 11th & 12th All Full Forms (Abbreviations) 2018

In this post, you will find all high school biology short forms and their expansion. Many times they are asked in examination as “Short Answer Questions” and sometimes in “Long Answer Questions”. You will also find them frequently coming in most of the competitive examinations

AbbreviationFull FormAbbreviationFull Form
PMCPollen Mother CellMMCMegaspore Mother Cell
PENPrimary Endosperm NucleusPECPrimary Endosperm Cell
IUDsIntra Uterine DevicesMTPMedical Termination of Pregnancy
STDsSexually Transmitted DevicesETEmbryo Transfer
IVFIn Vitro FertilizationARTAssisted Reproductive Technologies
ZIFTZygote Intra Fallopian TransferPIDsPelvic Inflammatory Diseases
AIArtificial InseminationIUIIntra Uterine Insemination
IUTIntra Uterine TransferZIFTZygote Intra Fallopian Transfer
MOETMultiple Ovulation Embryo TransferSCPSingle Cell Protein
LABLactic Acid BacteriaSTPsSewage Treatment Plants
BODBiochemical Oxygen DemandMALTMucosal Associated Lymphoid Tissues
CMICell-Mediated ImmunityAIDSAcquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
NACONational Aids Control OrganisationHIVHuman Immuno-deficiency Virus
CTComputed TomographyMRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
ELISAEnzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbant EssayPMNLPolymorpho-Nuclear Leukocytes
AMIAntibody Mediated ImmunityICSIIntra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
RTIsReproductive Tract InfectionsICBNInternational Code for Botanical Nomenclature
ICZNInternational Code for Zoological Nomenclature

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