Which Stream To Choose After 10th In 2015 | Science, Commerce, Arts or any Other?

10th standard is the starting and the most crucial point in the life of a student. After 10th a student’s life goes for a big change.  It is now that he takes up subjects of his choice and puts focused efforts for better career prospects in future. This is a time when most of the students get confused too much and takes a decision which he starts to dislike later. Students often find it difficult to decide which path they should choose and go. The question which stands in front of students are:

  • What actually a Stream is?
  • Which stream should I choose after 10th?
  • Do I need to take competitive coaching After 10th  ? Is this the right time or its little bit earlier?
  • Should I take state board or CBSE board or ICSE after 10th?
  • Is Private Schools are better or should I go for government school?
  • Should I go for diploma or other courses or complete schooling After 10th?
Students are breaking the rule nowadays and also going for some diploma courses. These courses are proved to be job guaranteed and are packed with handsome salary. On the other hand, the unemployment of number of graduates and post grads is huge.
Choosing a career in a particular stream or profession right at this point of time has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. It is very important for any student to choose carefully from various options available to him/her in which he/she is interested. In order to achieve success, one has to select the path which they like to walk on. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude when coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a definite stream helps one in choosing the right career option.
So from the very beginning a student should be careful in making choice of their stream.
As soon as a student reaches 10th standard, some kind of pressure of choosing a career path linger in their mind. Because by then they are at the edge of completing their school life and it is peak time to choose ones career path than ever before.

Most people can say that 10th boards are not as important as 12th (Intermediate) in the career’s point of view. But they’re absolutely wrong. It can be easily seen that from the last couple of years, there are companies coming at school from both Private Sectors and from Government as well for Career Counseling.
Career Counseling helps a student to know the job opportunities, possible Income and the possibilities in different type of jobs.
In India, there are a few main streams which are available for a student to choose from. We are not considering here various vocational courses which are designed to provide early employment options to various students.
Once a child pass Class 10th, there are 3 options in the form of streams in front of him/her. They are as follow :-


Science Stream

Commerce Stream

Arts Stream





The best time to explore career options is the time when one completes his or her high school days. In India, the board examination is the most important time for a student. It is the juncture of taking a right decision on what to choose from the available options.


Commerce Stream

This is the most popular stream among students of today’s generation. Commerce stream can be illustrated as study of trade and business. The stream has been increasingly chosen by large chunk of students after completion of Class 10th standard due its attractiveness in terms of finding early employment and also beginning of entrepreneurship.
In the present time, most of the students have a cherished longing to read in this stream, because they feel this stream provides ample arena of career options to pursue after 12th standard. But in order to make a successful career in Commerce stream one needs to have certain knack in this field of study such as good amount of liking towards numbers and arithmetic.
The Commerce stream after completion of Class 10 is quite a popular one in India, as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide arena of career options to pursue after class 12, that would bring them both success as well as financial security easily.
While pursuing a course in the field of commerce, one acquires the knowledge of business or trade, nature and fluctuations in market, basics of economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies etc.
The concept of commerce consists of a wide range of interdisciplinary branches including Accountancy, Business Administration, E-Commerce, Finance, Economics and Marketing. Since the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies among the third world countries, the need for talented professionals, who can contribute towards the growth of the economy, is increasing.

For any queries students can call Class X Helpline at 011-40360360

The major subjects that are covered under the Commerce stream are:
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Informatics Practices
  • English

Career in commerce are like

  • BBA
  • B.Com
  • CA
  • Management
  • Civil services examinations like IAS,IPS,IES
  • Bank exams, etc.


Science Stream

Science stream offers very respective and highest career options to students after 12th standard. It opens up the career options majorly in Engineering and Medical sciences.
The main subjects that are offered in the Science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics, Biotechnology, and Computer Science.

For anyone who wants to study Engineering has to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and those who want to study Medical sciences has to choose Biology as a main subject. A student has to take at least six subjects including English.

Career in sciences are like

  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Biological Scientists and Biotechnology
  • Genetic Scientists
  • Biochemistry
  • biotechnology
  • Anthropology
  • Food Technology
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Medical
  • Environmental Science
  • Oceanography
  • Biological Scientists and Biotechnology,etc.



Arts/Humanities Stream

Deals with a very wide range of courses such as History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, languages, Anthropology, Human Resources, journalism etc.
The major subjects that are covered under the Arts stream are:
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • English
  • Sanskrit
  • History

Career in Arts

  • designers
  • fashion technology
  • textile designers
  • accessory,jewelry,interior and exterior designers,
  • fine arts
  • cartoonist
  • photography
  • print journalism
  • mass communication
  • film making
  • advertising
  • public relations
You have to decide which streams better for you and what are your skills, so first of all select that what you have to do in future and according to them select your stream



  • It is the largest stream generally selected by more number of students.
  • It provides you with various career options.
  • If you want to become an engineer then you can easily take up this stream and achieve your goal.
  • If you are interested in pure mathematics then you can go for b.s.c mathematics and pursue your career.



  • Science includes physics,chemistry,biology.
  • Physics and Chemistry are common subjects for both mathematics and biology.
  • Biology is the life science subject it also provides you with lot of career options.
  • If you desire to become a doctor then definitely it is the best stream.
  • It also provides you with many career opportunities in science field like pharmacy,agricultural science e.t.c.


  • Now-a-days it has got a good demand in the field of education.
  • If you take up commerce the main option is you can go for charted accountancy which is the best career option.
  • Other than CA you can also go for BBA also.
  • These were the main streams now you should decide in which stream are you more interested.


Role of a Student

The role of a student in choosing a career path is very important as it is him or her who has to continue their journey in their chosen path. Though there are no definite tools which can accurately determine what career one should choose yet a few simple steps can help one to make a decision in the right direction.

  • The interest should be evaluated with skills necessary to pursue them in the longer term. A detailed strength-weakness analysis can complement to sort out the top rated career options. There should be enough aptitude to make a successful career.
  • One should explore or test the chosen option. One should act in the best possible practical way to find out what really excites him or her
  • Attending career guidance seminars, educational fairs etc can also help a student in knowing the latest development in the outside world apart from the bookish knowledge. Once a student zeros on a particular option they should focus towards their destination with strong fortitude and utmost dedication. They should have a persistent focus towards his or her goal and can seek the help of their teachers, parents and elders.
  • The role of a student in choosing a career path is very important as it is him or her who has to continue their journey in their chosen path. Though there are no definite tools which can accurately determine what career one should choose yet a few simple steps can help one to make a decision in the right direction.
  • One should jolt down the subjects of interests. The interest should be evaluated with skills necessary to pursue them in the longer term. A detailed strength-weakness analysis can complement to sort out the top rated career options. There should be enough aptitude to make a successful career
  • One should consider external factors such as personal responsibilities and their priorities, financial strength to pursue the option and flexibilities in changing the path if in times of uncertainties one can change the career option with minimum obstacles.


Role of parents in choosing right career path for their children

Parents have a vital role in building a bright career for their children. Parents should facilitate in exploration of the right career option for their children. However, they should not insist their children to pursue a career of their choice. They can help their children by giving advises of successful people and their career growth and supportive instructions
But they should be unprejudiced to allow their offspring to follow their own dream. If parents try to compel their children to select a stream according to their choice on which their children may not have interest, the result may sometimes be disastrous. So students should always be given preference for their choice and at the same time it should be complemented by advises of the parents. Valuable advises and good wishes of parents help children to forward their step in new path of life.


Agencies responsible in choosing the right career options for a student

Due to existence of variety of options coupled with cut throat competition in the professional filed makes one confused as to what to pick up as career options. There are mainly three agencies which are largely responsible for a student’s choosing a career path. These are namely the student himself, parents, teachers and career counselors. Among all parents play the most vital role as they understand the real strength of their children and hence can guide suitably.

Subjects which are offered in Commerce stream

There are many degree and diploma courses which encompasses the Commerce stream. Some of the key subjects which are taught in the commerce stream are as below:

  1. Economics
  2. Accountancy
  3. Business studies and business law

Some of the popular graduate courses offered through the commerce stream are B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP etc. Mostly major commerce colleges offer subjects such as Business economics, financial accounting, Business communication, Marketing, Business law, Business finance, Auditing, Cost accounting, Income tax from which students has to choose their subject of interest. A student has to take total six subjects along with English and one additional subject.

Some important tests for Commerce pursuer after passing 10th standard examination

There are some competitive examinations which can be appeared by a student after passing 10th examination which are mentioned below.

    1. C.S Foundation course


    1. C.A Foundation course


    1. ICWA Foundation course


  1. Business Studies

Bright career option for a Commerce stream pursuers

There is a sea of options in Commerce stream to make a bright career. If a student likes to choose the most widely chosen option, he/she can pursue Bachelor of commerce degree (B. Com) with specialization in any one subject. After completion of graduation one can opt for post graduation (M. com). One can also opt for Ph.D degree on their respective subject which can help in getting a respectable profession such as teaching, research scholar and also in the banking sector.
There are other professional courses which are highly favored in the current day situation. Some of them are as follows:

Chartered accountancy (CA) is one of the most popular choices of a student. The main duty of a chartered accountant is auditing company’s books, stock brokers and income tax assesses. A student who has avid desire to become a chartered accountant should try to join a CA course either after the 10+2 board examination by registering for the Professional Education (PE)-I course (a 10-month course) or after graduating (with the specified percentage) by registering for the PE II course (also 10-months long).

Mater of Business Administration (MBA)is another popular choice among the students. Through the course Students learn how to manage a business professionally and can opt for a degree or diploma in management. The duration of a regular MBA course is 2 years and an Executive MBA course is of 1 year. One can complete their MBA through correspondence also.

Chartered financial analyst (CFA) is another exiting course for Commerce pursuer students. The chief responsibility of a chartered financial analyst is to manage in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, investment management, security evaluation, project planning, venture capital management and credit rating. The duration of the course is 3-years after post graduation degree.

Company secretary (CS) is other interesting career which a person has certain liability for ensuring the company meets its statutory obligations. Student can apply for a company secretary course after passing (10+2) examination.

Cost accountant course can take a student who passes the Senior Secondary Examination (under the 10+2 scheme) of a recognized board.

Commerce stream is very useful to one’s career prospects as it encompasses financial markets, economics to the latest management practices. Studying commerce can provide the proficiency and knowledge to even starting one’s own venture.

Career options for a Science stream pursuer

Students opting for Engineering and Medical streams have to qualify entrance examinations conducted by recognized bodies. A few well known entrance test for students opting for the top notch engineering colleges and IITs are AIEEE and ITT-JEE. For others, who opt for Medical / Medicine stream has to qualify entrance exams like NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ), AIPMT ( All India Pre Medical Test ), AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences ), AFMC ( Armed Forces Medical College ), JIPMER ( Jawaharlal Nehru Post Medical Education and Research ) etc. Before enrollment to the course a s tudent must be comprehensible why he wants to pursue that career, how he will be successful in that career, find out the institutes of related courses, try to gather knowledge about the career options and last test his/her aptitude to appear in the Entrance Exams.

A student can pursue Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc) taking any science subject as the major subject. Numerous colleges offer specialization in major subjects like as Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Physics etc. One can go further and opt for Masters degree (M.Sc) also in their selected subjects after completion of graduation. For further education a student can do Ph.D degree on their particular subjects. Some alluring job option after doing B. Sc or M.Sc are teaching in schools and colleges, Professors (college/university), Scientist, Geologist, Chemists, Mathematician, physicists etc. A science graduate also can apply for UPSC exams, IAS, Banking, insurance exams and gets good jobs
Various courses available for students opting for Medical Sciences are MBBS, BDS, BVS, B. Pharm, D Pharm and Nursing. M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) offers courses on Human anatomy. The duration of the course is approximately 5 ½ years which includes one year of internship. Students can opt for Post Graduate specialization in different subjects such as Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Gynecology, Neuro Sciences, Opthamology, Orthopedics and Paediatrics.
B.D.S (Bachelor in Dental Sciences) offers courses in Dental Surgery and duration of the course is 5 years with Internship. After completion of B.D.S one can do the Post Graduation (P.G) in Dental Sciences.
B.V.S (Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences) encompasses courses of the Animal disease, prevention and surgery cases. This course takes 4 1/2 years time with a practical Internship. One can do P.G studies in different specializations after completion of B. V. S course.
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is also an attractive career prospect one can pursue. It takes is 4 years to complete the course. After completion of the course one can start alluring career in departments such as Drugs Research or Production in various Pharmaceutical Industries. If anyone yearns to do Post Graduation (M.Pharmacy) they can chose specialization in subjects such as 
a. Pharmacology
b. Pharmaceutics
c. Pharmaceutical Analysis
d. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
e. Pharm D

Diploma course in Pharmacy (D.Pharmacy) offers a 2 years duration course after which one can start practicing as a Pharmacist in various Medicinal Institutions. One can also opt for further studies such as B.Pharmacy and later M.Pharmacy.
Bachelor in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing) is a 4 year course which covers topics such as healthcare, medicine dispensing and caring of ailing patients. 
There are various other courses which students can choose which are indirectly related to Medical / Medicine courses. These are Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences, Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences and Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicinal Sciences.

Biotechnology describes is a series of enabling technologies involving manipulation of living organisms or their sub cellular components to provide useful products, processes or services for the betterment of mankind. This is 4 year course.
Bioinformatics is a relatively new concept which is related to storage, retrieval and analysis of biological data for drug discovery and drug design. It integrates information technology for processing biological information such as nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), protein sequence and structure. The duration of the course is 4 years or else can also go for B.Sc Bioinformatics where the course duration is 3 years.

B.P.T (Bachelor in Physiotherapy basically studies how to restore the functioning of the body which is affected by due to illness like paralysis, injury, shock. The basic duration of the course is 3 years.
B.H.M.S ( Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences offers courses how to increase the self healing power of our body by using medicine which are derived from natural and herbal sources. The duration of the course is 5 1/2 year.

B.A.M.S (Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicinal Sciences) covers courses how to restore the balance of our body without side effects. Main focus of the courses are to regain balance of liver disorders, rheumatic and chronic conditions. The duration of the course is only 3 years.

Engineering as a career option

Engineering has a wide arena of career option. If anyone has an avid desire to pursue his/her career in engineering then they have to pass out 10+2 exam with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and with minimum qualifying marks. There are numerous government and non-government institutes in India which offers courses in various branches of Engineering. Among various colleges, Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) are the most favored ones among the prospective students. The seven IITs are viz, Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee. Apart from these there are 20 National Institute of Technologies (NITs), couple of IIITs and several private institutes in India which are able to offer a grand platform for making a good career.
Different branches of engineering which boasts great potential for a blooming career in the engineering field are Agricultural Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Automobile Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Ceramic Technology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Industrial & Production Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Plastic Technology, Polymer Engineering, Rubber Technology, Space Technology, Textile Industry etc.


Career options for Arts stream students

After passing the higher secondary level examination a student can pursue Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) taking a special subject as the major subject. Arts stream has a wide variety of subjects which can offer exciting opportunities. Selection of Arts stream after 10th examination enables to pave the way for choosing some other gripping careers. 
This stream offers subject History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, Hindi and Sanskrit for the higher secondary level. But one has to opt for four compulsory subjects in addition to English and a Modern Indian Language.
 If anyone has avid interest to pursue career in mass media, journalism, literature, sociology, social service, human psychology, politics, economics and history then they must be choose Arts stream after passing 10th examination.
Some important major subjects which are offered by various colleges are history, languages, literature, law, philosophy, religion, performing arts, anthropology, communication, sociology, psychology and many more. After getting the graduation degree a student can do masters degree (MA) in their selected subjects. For further high qualification one can opt for Ph. D degree in their respective subject. I have given some of the attractive career option for Arts stream pursuer. These are as Psychologist, Counselor, Economist, Market analyst, Sociologist, Social Worker, Historian, Anthropologist, Human Resources, Personal Executive, Writer/journalist/Editor, lawyer, Media Personnel, School Teacher/College Professor/university Professor etc. 
Apart from these an Arts graduate student can apply for UPSC exams, IAS, Banking, insurance exams and gets good jobs.

Hope these details was helpful to you. Keep visiting for more updates.
Choosing a career in a particular stream or profession right at the beginning has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. It is very important for any student to choose carefully from various options available to him or her vis a vis his or her interest. In order to achieve success, one has to select the path which they like to walk on. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a definite stream helps one in choosing the right career option. So from the very beginning a student should be careful in making choice of their stream. As soon as a student reaches 10th standard, some kind of pressure of choosing a career path linger in their mind. Because by then they are at the edge of completing their school life and it is peak time to choose ones career path than ever before. Like This Post | Then also like our FB FanPage and Get Latest Education Updates

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  1. If you want to complete your 12th board you can choose any of the 3 boards. After that you can go for a bachelor degree in fine arts.
    there is one other way you can do a diploma directly after 10th and skip further schooling..

  2. cn i get propr description fr computer science…. well nw im in 10thcbse…. plzz whch stream to go inn & max. marks to be got….. plzzz… i really need propr guidance & help… plzzz…..

  3. After 10th an student’s life goes for a major change. While class 10th is a critical turning point in a school student’s life, it is additionally the beginning stage of one's career. It is presently that he takes up subjects of his decision, gets ready for courses after 12th and puts centered endeavors for better profession prospects in future. It is likewise seen that numerous a times students don't take the best choices and get affected by outside components. There are numerous choices that are to be taken. One among such field is Fashion Designing. Fashion designing is one of the most glamorous and exciting career options in today's world. If you are passion about fashion then this career is best for you.

  4. The information is very exhaustive. However, if the comparative expenditure involved in pursuing these courses is given on a time scale (actual figures need not be given as they may vary from time to time) and their affordability, the both the parents and the students be very obliged to you. Good wishes.

  5. There's some correction I want to suggest…BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda science) is a full time 5 1/2 yrs course..It has post graduations like MD and MS available in different colleges.

  6. I hve selected pcmcs after my 10th..but i m a lil confused to select the streamzz further…i m gud at all the subjects..can u plz suggest or give an advice to me wot are the fields whch i can select nd hve a bright future wid no mre struggles as i m working hard now…

  7. Simran you have choosen subjects of science stream. Go with it. The only choice you have to make is whether you'll go for engineering, or bio fields or in the research area.
    Look you are not alone, there are many students like you who are good at all. But the thing I can suggest you is go for what your heart says. For example do you like to implement new changes in buildings, or softwares , car n bikes etc. go for engineering else if you like to teach others go and become a teacher. Any more quiries feel free to ask. This is really a decision for which most of us get confused so dont worry. Clear your doubts with teachers, parents and me as well.

  8. To become a social worker you don't need to worry about any particular stream. However I'll suggest you to go with arts and then persue LLB. This can help you to fight for poor and needy people if anything is going wrong with them.

  9. I wanna do engineering…but whch engineer…??? I need maths nd physics subjects to b stdied further….can u plz help me whch engineerng shall i do….is aeoronotics gud?? Or smthng else..

  10. Yrr m confused. M gud in all subjects but I love biology and chemistry. Ya! Its clear to opt medical. But I don't want to work in the hospital or pass time with medicines.. What should I do??

  11. You can choose BSC in graduation. BSC in botony or goology or even in chemistry. Your love will be alive further. Also you are perfect as you think you are a bookworm. You may find it difficult while choosing BSC as you or your parents may feell inferior or what others will say. But my point is its your future you should and you have to decide it.

  12. i am confused that should i go for science PCB or commerce without maths bcoz
    i thing science would be more easy for me to do rather than commerce bcoz i m not so good in calculations n i dont wnt to be a doctor or something lyk tht but just as my school only offers commerce n science as stream .i dont lyk maths n i dont want to be a doctor also because it needs a lot of studies which i cannot do tell me what should i do?????

  13. Hey! M confused! I just need to ask u that what stream should I choose ! I would like to tell u my interests that m a guitarist,singer,artist,embroidery ! Nd moreon ! Nd I had decided that I can take commerce with maths ! Coz I wanna do business ! But m also interested in being a fashion designer!and I have decided that first I'll do somewhere work like in McDonald et cetera ! Coz recently I went to Europe and UK !and I had watched children earning penny by doing jobs ! I wanna work so that I can take experience about people behaviour outside when working ! And whatever difficulty ! So that I can become whatever I wanna become ! But its a problem dude ! What stream should I take according to you ? After reading this big comment ??

  14. Hi Jigyasa,
    You have asked multiple questions in one, I'll try to get all.
    1st thing if you want to do any business you don't need to worry about a particular stream, anyone is fine in which you feel comfortable.
    If you add up your interests for work i.e., (business + fashion designer) what you can do is you can launch your own fashion design business.
    3rd one, yeah that's correct students work in many of the foreign countries to earn enough to be self maintained but working in McD for understanding people's behaviour is not necessary in your case. You'll get full exposure to people's behaviour while your F.D. course.

  15. well if it was in my school the usually send low grade people to commerce stream. but after all in schools they see your grade and give you few options you can go in based on your marks and that is why people say you need to score good in 10th so that you have a wide range of options.

  16. Its correct most of the Schools work on this principle but I really don't find it correct because I believe all streams are equal. We cant say that studying geography is easy than studying biology or economics. All students should be given equal opportunities to choose their streams as per their likes and interests.

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